Vijay Villas Vijaynagar, district Sabar Katha-383460 Gujarat, situated on the borders of Gujarat and Rajasthan, is only 120 kms from Udaipur airport and approximately 160 kms from Ahmedabad, away from the hustle and bustle, near the nature giving tremendous tranquility and a great life time experience .

Whether you come from which ever side of the globe, you have to touch Ahmedabad, Udaipur or Abu Road, which are the air, train and road route destinations to reach Vijaynagar. Once you reach these places, you can easily find Cabs and Buses of both private and state transport, especially from the cities and towns mentioned on the right.

Vijaynagar has direct connection with both Rajasthan and Gujarat Transport.

   Distances from Vijay Villas Vijaynagar


160 kms


120 kms

Abu Road

100 kms


75 kms


60 kms


88 kms


52 kms


55 kms